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Alzheimer’s Caregiver Bracelets

Having something physical to represent WHY being a family caregiver is so important to you can help keep you going when you feel you simply can't any longer…

We have a LIMITED SUPPLY of bracelets – great by themselves or for stacking with others.

Alzheimer's braceletsEach includes a deep purple crystal (the color of Alzheimer's) and an Elephant (which represents memory – and that we will hold the memories our loved ones are losing.)

You can choose between an Infinity Symbol (because your love for them will last forever) or a Compass (to remind you that you will find your way) as the third charm.

To clear these out we are offering them for $12 for one (with free shipping in the US!) or $20 for 2.

CLICK HERE to see the options and buy now before they are sold out!

While no one can change the outcome of dementia or Alzheimer's, with the right support (and jewelry!) you can change the journey.

– Tara Reed

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