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When a parent has dementia or Alzheimers

Life gets turned on it’s head. (That’s the simplified version of what happens!) Life before dementia seems like a distant memory. It comes on like a subtle fog – barely perceptible until you are engulfed and can’t see two feet in front of you. The world goes gray as you struggle to get your bearings, to feel […]

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I Remember When…

As my dad has entered the final stages of dementia my family has had more “I remember when…” conversations. As his memory and abilities fade, we are looking back on this Alzheimer’s journey and remembering both the struggles and the silver linings… I remember the tears and the tender moments. How this journey has brought my […]

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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Today is my parent’s 53rd wedding anniversary. My mom was 19 when she vowed to stand by my dad through better or worse, in sickness and in health. My dad was 24. Thankfully there was more BETTER and HEALTH through the 53 years but there has definitely been a lot of sickness, grief and worse… […]

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