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There are 2 main stages of grief when a loved one has Alzheimer’s or dementia

Life is interesting… when something isn't happening in your life, you don't notice the things that support them.

For example, before my dad's dementia was getting bad and we started looking at memory care options just in case, my mom never noticed them.

They had just moved to Oregon and she INSISTED we had more options here than anywhere else…

(This didn't make sense – we aren't even a big retirement destination! Surely states with larger elderly demographics would have more…)

But because she hadn't needed the help, she hadn't noticed it. We had to do a Google search and show her just how many options were around the house they just left in Nevada – she was shocked!

So where is that story leading? All of the sudden I'm seeing things about GRIEF everywhere!

When a loved one has Alzheimer's or dementia, we have 2 main stages of grief: pre-grief and the more traditional grief after they die.

In the U.S. we are not very good at the whole grief process. It makes us uncomfortable and it's more politically correct to FIGHT things and then smile through the pain than talk about it if you are struggling.

The fighting and faking leads to a serious sense of isolation. Who needs that??

Here are two great articles about grief – no matter where you are on this journey, I think they would be helpful for you to read.

(And helpful for you to share with people you know and love!)

While no one can change the outcome of dementia or Alzheimer's, with the right support you can change the journey.

– Tara Reed

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