PTH 12: Kathy Weller and Cats @ Work

What started as a coping mechanism for dealing with the challenges of cubicle life turned into a brand and money maker for artist Kathy Weller. (Go Kathy!) Kathy Weller opens up about balancing a “day job” and building a “dream job”, her happy places and more in episode 12 of the Pivot to Happy Podcast.

Learn about Cats @ Work- #PivotToHappyIN THIS EPISODE KATHY SHARES…

  • what happiness means to her
  • how the Cats @ Work began, where they are now and where they might be headed
  • lots of advice for her 18 year old self
  • a pivotal time in her life where she had to choose to focus on getting back to happy
  • and more…


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  • If you love the idea of the Cats – Kathy offers a new image 5 days a week on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – follow her on your favorite or on all three!

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