“Sometimes you have to leave the safety of the shore to find your strength.”

Find your Strength - PivotToHappy

This is a design that I created for my art business but that is inspired by the dementia and Alzheimer’s journey.

Strength and inner peace seem to ebb and flow. There are days when things are easier and others that are harder.

Caring for someone with ‪dementia or Alzheimer’s isn’t easy – and there are so many ways people are helping with care. It doesn’t just mean you are living with the person and doing the day-to-day things… Learning to come to terms with the changes can be emotional. It often requires leaving your comfort zone and doing things that feel hard.

But it’s important. I do it for my dad. For my mom. For my family and for myself. It’s important to remember WHY we do hard things when we’d rather pretend things are fine and go about our day. Or when we’d rather take to the couch, watch Netflix and eat ice cream to feel better.When you feel like quitting… remember why you started.

It’s normal. We all get burnt out. Stressed out. SAD.

When you remember WHY it matters to you – you can pick yourself back up and keep going.

While no one can change the outcome, I believe that with the right help & focus you can change your journey.