Do you ever have those early morning dreams that seem to go on forever… at first they seem real and they are stressful.  Then you realize, while still in it, that “It's probably just a dream so I should wake up” but you can't.  I hate them and I just had one!

It was one of my recurring dreams that I've discovered several of my friends have as well.  I'm in school and I need to get to class, or sometimes I need to get to an exam, and I CAN'T FIND THE ROOM and I'm late!

Being a person who would rather be 3 hours early than 5 minutes late, not being able to find where I need to be in a timely fashion is very, very stressful!

Wake Up. Internet Concept. Button on Modern Computer Keyboard.

This morning the dream took a new twist – part of the reason I couldn't find where I was going was that I couldn't see the map well, I didn't have my glasses on.  Ugh!  That's a new twist – I've basically been wearing reading and computer glasses since college but only recently do I need them for menus, text messages, etc.  I know that my days are numbered until I need bifocals that will be on my face all the time.  How do I know?  No, it's not a doom & gloom mindset –  the eye doctor warned me on my last visit.

When I have dreams like that, especially when they are right before I wake up to start the day, sometimes they are hard to shake.

Sometimes I wake up upset with people in real life even though I KNOW my feelings are the result of a dream.  Other times, like today, you feel like you are getting off on the wrong foot.  I didn't get out of bed excited for the day but rather a little extra stressed about where I needed to be and now paranoid that there will be traffic or something else standing in the way of a timely arrival.

What do you do to snap yourself out of a “bad dream hangover”?

I usually start with a reality check.

  • Is this real?
  • What is the likelihood that anything like this might happen while I'm awake?
  • What was the dream trying to remind me – am I forgetting something important?

Then it's time for an emotional PIVOT!  

I break out my sure-fire happy tools.  This morning I decided to go to my “Happy Videos” Pinterest board by Pivot to Happy and watch some videos that I KNOW will make me smile.  I watched a few and it made all the difference.  Other times I might listen to music I love, go for a walk or call a friend.

I hope I'm on time today with no issue and I'd love to hear what you do when you have a bad dream that wants to emotionally invade your day!

TODAY is a great day to be HAPPY!

– Tara Reed