Making legal choices and plans for the future is important no matter who you are –

it’s especially important to make sure you have dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s if you think someone in your family may be getting dementia.

When I first started looking into how to help my dad we weren’t even thinking about the legal issues. We just wanted to take care of his health. Eventually the legal issues started revealing themselves one at a time. They were huge and we weren’t sure what to do. I was freaked out because I realized that getting just one of these wrong could not only cost a lot of money but impact my ability to properly care for my dad moving forward.

If you have a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s, are you worried that you don’t even know what all the legal issues are?

Do you realize that there is a ticking clock on many of the legal issues you need to address – wait too long and they will be out of your control. Waiting too long could be the difference between getting them the care you CHOOSE vs the care you can now AFFORD because you delayed and had to spend more on legal issues than necessary.

Elder Law Attorney David J Ferry, Jr Esquire talks about the what and why’s to keep decision making in your hands and as much of your money in your pocket as possible. For example, were you under the misconception that if you are married you will automatically be able to make health and financial decisions for your spouse or for property you hold jointly?  That is not necessarily the case…

Elder Law - David J Ferry Jr Quote - Plan Ahead

IN THIS AUDIO Attorney David Ferry Jr shares…

  • that most of his clients come to him when they are in a crisis – and why that limits their options
  • how to find an attorney in your area
  • when you should review your documents, even when you have some things in place
  • common mistakes people make
  • the difference between a Power of Attorney and Guardianship – and why you really want the first in place!



  • Look at the plans you do or don’t have in place and commit to getting them done. A little planning now saves everyone stress and money later!
  • Talk to your parents and loved ones and make sure they are organized too.
  • Share the post with anyone you think will benefit from understanding why pretending nothing will ever happen to them is not the best way to go…

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