I’ll admit it… I have the song Let it Go from Disney’s Frozen on my iPhone. It’s #2 on my “Empowering Music” playlist and a go-to when I’m feeling in need of some “pivot support.”

Often we simply need to LET IT GO so we can live happier, more peaceful lives.

Here are a few things I’ve been working on letting go of lately, see if any of these seem familiar:

  • I want to LET GO of trying to be all things to all people. I can’t do everything people ask of me and I can’t make everyone happy – so I need to let go of the crazy desire to try…
  • I work to LET GO of hurt feelings that really don’t matter anymore. Sometimes people say things that hurt, or do things that hurt our feelings – but will replaying them in your mind over and over make it better? Have a conversation and talk it out if it matters but often there is a lot more we can let go…
  • LET GO of overly high expectations… of myself or of others. No one is perfect and trying to be can be exhausting. Beating yourself up when you aren’t is deflating. Do your best, acknowledge when you fall short, analyze what happened and move forward.
  • LET GO of beliefs that don’t serve you. I was watching a Real Housewives (it makes me happy… what can I say?) and one of the people said, “If we stop pushing and working we will die…” I instantly thought, “Now THAT is a belief that won’t let that person allow themselves the time and space to relax…” What beliefs do you have that may be standing between you and increased joy in your life?
  • LET GO of my need to KNOW… if you recall, I chose the word ALLOW as my Word of the Year because, well, I have control issues. 🙂  I want to know how things will unfold – or at least that they will – when I put my mind to things. Of course as I look at my life, things always do unfold – but not always as expected – but usually in a way that leads me somewhere amazing. Even the painful unfoldings have lessons that lead to greater joy as long as you allow it…

What could you LET GO so that you GET MORE happiness, peace, joy and fulfillment in your life? I’d love to hear what comes to mind so I can look at those things too… put them in the comments!

TODAY is a great day to be HAPPY!

– Tara Reed