and that's ok!

Over the weekend I spent a bit of time on the phone with my sister discussing a dog… her dog passed away over a year ago and the whole family was heartbroken.  Since then she has gone through grief, acceptance and many bouts of mixed emotion about getting a new dog.  She found one online and immediately KNEW that this was her family's new dog…

But then her logical brain kicked in and things got messy.

Logic vs Emotion when getting a dog - Pivot to HappyThe dog in question is a rescue and lives in Alabama.  My sister lives in Pennsylvania.  Before you start saying “that makes no sense!” let me tell you that this particular rescue kennel in Alabama regularly brings dogs to the PetSmart near my sister's house. (Feel free to say, “that's an odd coincidence!”)

Logic tried to take control of the situation telling her life was easier without a dog to take care of.  Reminding her that she and her husband often traveled and arrangements for the dog would need to be made.  Telling her that it makes no sense to fall in love with a dog from a photo and a video on the internet…

But her heart just KNEW this particular dog was supposed to be part of their family.  She remembered how happy she was with her dog and how her husband can fall in love with any dog in about 3 seconds flat.  She said, “Maybe this is my “pivot to happy” – that I'm ready to get a new dog.”  (You can imagine how thrilled I was that “pivot to happy” has become a part of her thought process!)

We talked about it and I got to hear both her emotional brain and her logical brain debating the issue.  I could hear the stress in her voice as she waivered about the decision but could also tell what she really wanted to do.

I suggested she “decide for the day” that she would adopt the dog, but to not take any action until tomorrow.  If she still felt good about it, contact the kennel and adopt the dog!  Her energy immediately lightened and her attitude changed.  About an hour later she told me she'd be adopting the dog and that they were really excited. (Not sure what happened to the waiting a day but that's ok – she feels solid about the decision now.)  I'll introduce you to their new family member next week – she arrives from Alabama on Saturday!

Many times what makes us HAPPY isn't the logical, rational choice.

I don't recommend ignoring logic altogether or making decisions that you won't be able to follow through with, but if you have the means and desire to do or have something that will bring you joy, why not?

TODAY is a great day to be HAPPY!

– Tara Reed