I have been trying lots of different things for stress relief and fitness – from meditation to journaling to yoga – all good!  Recently I decided to try Tai Chi and I’m hooked!

It feels a bit like yoga without laying down or being on all fours… downward dog does a number on my wrists!  I have found that doing 15 – 30 minutes when I wake up is helping my body loosen up and I start the day centered and energized.

Tai Chi is something for any Family Caregiver to investigate – for themselves and for their loved one.

Scott Cole - Tai ChiOf course all forms of exercise has the appropriate warnings – the “don’t take my word for it because I don’t know your health status or what your body can or can’t handle so please check with your doctor first” (that’s my plain-language version of medical disclaimers!) So please, do that if you are at all concerned.

I got Scott Cole’s DVD on Amazon and really enjoy it. The music is relaxing and he has a calm, friendly way about him. I’d highly recommend it as a starting point to just try it out. (It’s under $10 and qualifies for PRIME shipping) CLICK HERE to check it out. [affiliate link]

Whether you choose to try this or not, make sure you are taking care of yourself. Mental, physical and emotional health is vital for to successfully navigate the dementia or Alzheimer’s journey.

While no one can change the outcome, with the right help you can change the journey.

– Tara Reed